Trip planning redefined

AI-based social trip planning platform.
Our platform will take travel planning to the next level & unify your trip planning into one social and itelligent platform - Beam.

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Beam in under 90 seconds


new dawn of travel planning

A novel platform approach

And we do it continuously. Our travel companion app adjusts seamlessly to real-time situations and unexpected changes along the trip lifecycle.

The essence of it all


Travel planning is dramatically underdeveloped

There are hundreds of websites for travel services. None leverage modern technology for the benefit of the traveler. The market is highly fragmented with no client focus.

While there is a clear customer journey for trip planning, all functions work outside the normal flow separate from the other functions.

By way of example, a vegan person needs to repeat said preference to every function; for flight reservations, hotel and restaurant bookings etc.

In this era where machines work on the same global internet grid and all such personal information is provided by consent, it is unfathomable that no central management exists that will automatically and seamlessly reserve everything based on personal prefrences for that individual.


Travel planning was built for individuals or groups treated as one uniform body of humans

No service today supports group planning of travel. There are no virtual board that groups can collaborate and move the pieces until it all fits.


We all overpay

Travel planning, if optimized, can achieve significant cost savings and higher economic benefits for all players involved in this massive industry.

Exchange fees alone on cross border fiat currency conversions reaches costs consumers billions per year.

There are so many middlemen serving redundant functions with little to no contribution to the market at play, and they all markup costs across the value chain by significant amounts that carve directly into the travellers budget and service providers' legitimate margins.

Beam plans to change all that.


The Team


vision & execution

Yanir Baranovski

co-founder & CEO

Yanir is a former Military Intelligence (MI) cyber unit officer who has identified the pain in the travel industry as a basis for a revolutionary startup.

Joseph Lefcoe

co-founder & COO

Joseph is a former Captain & intelligence officer in the IDF with a strong background in project management and leading product development end to end.

Shmulik Chicvashvili

co-founder & CTO

Shmulik is an officer in 8200 cyber intelligence and a talented software developer with a specialty in AI and blockchain. He holds a B.Sc. In CompSci from the Technion.

Jonathan Alfasi


Jonathan is an officer in 8200 cyber intelligence & software engineer from the Technion. Vast knowledge in decentralized systems and Frontend development.

Reef Horvitz

Software engineer

Reef is an officer in 8200 cyber intelligence & software engineer from the Technion. Vast knowledge in decentralized systems and Frontend development.

Omer Regev

Software engineer

Omer is an officer in 8200 cyber intelligence & software engineer from the Technion. Solidity expert from Kreator. Previously worked at At-Bay startup that raised $15M.

Ilan Kogan

Software engineer &
cyber security

Iilan is an officer in 8200 cyber intelligence & software engineer from the Technion.
Worked for two years at Intel cyber security department. 

Moshe Scham

Ux/ui Designer

20 years’ experience designing websites from scratch, with a great passion for user experience

Board members & Advisors

experience & involvement

Shlomo Baranovski

co-founder & Chairman of SBC Group

Highly experienced business manager, Shlomo is responsible for multi-million dollar realty investment funds which develop properties across Europe and the US. His various business endeavors cover technology, retail, healthcare, as well as other industries.

Shmuel Ofnagel


Paratroopers officer in the reserves, Shmuel is an Israeli businessman who built himself from real estate transactions in Israel and Europe. Today, he acts as an angel investor in a wide range of companies in the fields of real estate, high-tech and medicine. In addition, Shmuel is a shareholder and CEO of an international medical centers company.

Aaron Rothenberg

Investable Solutions- PARTNER

20 years experience in high tech investments and strategic consulting, managed investments in one of Israel’s leading VCs. Invested in XtremeIO, acquired for $435M by EMC. B.Sc. in Finance and Marketing from Touro International School of Management and an MBA (Magna Cum Laude) from the Hebrew University

Yossi Konijn


20 years experience in technology development and strategic consulting, founded several startups (LogiDiet, BizWiz). Consulted and mentored to over 500 companies. One of the leading mentors in Israel’s accelerators and incubators. B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Hebrew University and an MBA from the Recanati School of Business in the TelAviv University


Beam Presents at CanTech Toronto

Beam was chosen as one of the promising technology innovation companies to present at Cantech Conference in Toronto to a crowd of strategic partners and institutional investors.

Beam reaches over 85% accuracy on algorithm testing.

After working on the initial algorithm for only 3 months, Beam managed to achieve more than 85% accuracy on the first “Travel expert pilot” testing. Beam is now able to successfully connect between user profiles and service providers in the travel industry including hotels and tourist attractions.

Beam presents at CryptoNation 2018

Opening its international roadshow for the pre-sale of its token, Beam team has presented its platform and vision to multiple crypto community investors.

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